May 10, 2023 Council Workshop – Zoning

These are my notes from the workshop. I will post the minutes when they are approved, as wel as the recommened changes once they are received.

Zoning Districts
– Will make sure that it is looked at more offten. Last done in 80s or 90s
– Goals: preserving neighborhood character

– Looking at changing some rs-1 to rs-2 zones so code matches what is on the ground
– Differences between 1 and 2 – minimum house size and side yard set backs, 10k v 7500 lot sizes 
– Option – Can look at changing the sizes instead
– Want to avoid the splitting of lots if sizes are too small
– Lot coverage and pervious surface
– Will add definition to pervious and impervious would be anything under a roof.
– Accessory structures would not be included, they could go up to 40-50%
– Could also use if you meet all the set backs then you can build regardless of coverage
– Seems to be consensus on first option 
– Public works is not concerned with increasing lot coverage with regard to drainage since they are already upgrading the drainage system

– FL building code says single family attached (connected with a breezeway) – will update code to allow for this as well as widening lot sizes on the west side of 3rd street

Multi family
– Not addressed in Comp plan – needs to be included
– Certain uses should be allowed if they do not impact residential in comp plan
– Dan wants to see all the possible uses
– There are already cond. uses in the LDC, just not the comp plan
– East of 3rd – flexible front yard setbacks in older blocks. If short front yards, then would need to provide parking on the side.  Possibly average of the street for variable front yard setbacks

Single family uses in multi family 2
– Want to add this to the uses
– Clarifying and aligning uses
– LDC doesn’t match FL building Code

Multi family properties and multi family buildings
Accessory Structures
– Should they be allowed in multi family zones for properties that were approved for single family properties. It would address neighborhood character.
Planng Department will come up with some standards for council 

Commercial Services
– Shetter Ave, South of Beach
– Includes light industrial 
– Looking to make it compatible with the neighborhood
– Ty (Ink Factory) would like to make the area like to elbow in COJ – small restaurants and bars in a walkable area
– Cory (or it was Dan – I was looking down) mentioned he would like to see a reduction in parking to help Ty

– Single family was added as a conditional use in 2018, but referenced the regular standards. They would to develop standards spec for this use to align with the area (things like set backs).
– Existing single families would be an allowable use
– Thinking about adding workshops for new developments to get better input into the plans. 

– Staff wants to review the standards. Ie. minimum application requirements; minimum acreage; etc.
– High density residential land use vs more in a PUD. Possibly require a minimum of affordable/workforce housing if an applicant wants to rezone. 

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