Charter Amendment

Charter Amendment to Increase the 35′ Height LimitRejected by 82% of voters!

City-wide, 43.6% of the voters voted! The May election has a historically low turn out (averaging 28.2% over the last decade), so thank you for making sure your voice was heard.

The Issue:

The Charter Amendment on the May 2023 ballot is asking voters to let the City put out a Request for Qualifications to engage in a Public-Provate partnership (P3) for a mixed-use development on the publically-owned property that is currently known as Latham Plaza. Other than it will be mixed-use building and include a parking structure, there are no details other than allowing the winning bidder to build up to 55′ instead of the current 35′ height limit. NO OTHER CRITERIA!

Voters are being asked to approve an exception to the height limit without knowing what Council envisions as the 55′ mixed-use development that they are touting as the solution to the decades-old problem that has plagued the area.

Public Meetings (On going)

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