Protect the Beach Life

Jacksonville Beach’s Vision is to be A vibrant coastal community that embraces ‘the beach life’.” However, recent decisions by our elected officials are leading us in a different direction.

Protect the Beach Life was formed because our local elected officials were ignoring the input of residents when making decisions that impact the quality of life at the beach.

Current issues of concern are:

Charter Amendment to Increase the 35′ Height LimitRejected by 82% of voters!

City-wide, 43.6% of the voters voted! The May election has a historically low turn out (averaging 28.2% over the last decade), so thank you for making sure your voice was heard.

Updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code
Latham Plaza Redesign
Update of the Special Events Policy
Elected Officials’ Callousness Regarding Citizen Concerns

First on the agenda is the Council’s decision to place a Charter Amendment on the May 2023 ballot. This decision was made even though residents were OVERWHELMINGLY in opposition.

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