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Protect the Beach Life was formed because our local elected officials are ignoring the input of residents when making decisions that impact the quality of life at the beach. Our mission is to keep residents informed about issues that will impact the quality of our beach and how they can be involved to make sure Jax Beach keeps its beachy feel. This includes making sure that residents are a part of any changes to the height limit and the Land Development Code to ensure all future development aligns with the City’s vision to be “A vibrant, coastal community that embraces ‘the beach life’.”

Current Issue: May 2023 Charter Amendment

There are members of the Council who want to see the 35′ height limit, which was passed by the voters in 2004, changed to 55′. Protect the Beach Life is not opposed to discussing if the current height limit is problematic, and if it is, identify possible solutions. However, Council has decided not to work with residents, and even worse, ignore residents’ concerns. This is not acceptable.

Please join us to defeat this Charter Amendment by voting NO on May 16, 2023.

Maybe after that Council will realize it is best to work with residents when identifying changes for the downtown so that any changes will not negatively impact the quality of the beach life.

There are more ways you can make sure we keep our Beach Life. You can:

Learn why you should VOTE NO on the Charter Amendment

Volunteer your time

Write a Letter to the Editor to the Beaches Leader

Invest in the future of our community

We only have a short amount of time to ensure residents know what is happening before the May election for us to let the Council know that we want to be heard. Join us.

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